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Lisk Platform

Lisk Core

Lisk Core is the program that implements the Lisk Protocol. In other words, Lisk Core is what every machine needs to set-up to run a node that allows for participation in the network.1

Lisk Protocol

The Lisk protocol is the formal set of rules that defines a blockchain created with the Lisk SDK. The Lisk protocol defines an account-based blockchain with a set of default transaction that are used to modify the accounts state.

Github: Lisk Core

Lisk SDK 🛠

The Lisk SDK aims to provide an easy and reliable Software Development Kit for building blockchain applications, which are compatible with the Lisk Protocol.2

The architecture of the Lisk SDK has been designed so that it can be extended to meet the requirements of a wide variety of blockchain application use-cases. The codebase is written entirely in JavaScript , which means for a majority of developers, no significant change of tools or mindset is required to get started. The Lisk SDK makes every effort to allow developers to focus simply and purely on writing the code that matters to their own blockchain application, and nothing more.


  • One blockchain per app: Blockchain applications each run on their own customized blockchain.
  • Programming language: JavaScript & TypeScript
  • Consensus algorithm: Lisk DPoS & Lisk BFT
  • Completely modular: Configure, exchange or extend any of the blockchain related logic in the application with Modules and Plugins.
  • Convenient development tools:

    • Lisk Commander:

      • Bootstrap a complete default blockchain application with a single command.
      • Generate skeletons for modules, assets, and plugins.
      • Use the Lisk SDK libraries directly in the terminal via the interactive Lisk console.
      • Many other convenient CLI tools such as creating accounts, encrypting passphrases / messages and more.
    • Dashboard plugin: Communicate conveniently with your blockchain application during development via a dashboard.

    • SDK testing utilities: simplifies the testing of all components of a blockchain application by providing dedicated fixtures, mocks, and utility functions.
  • Interoperable (coming soon, see roadmap): Make your app interoperable with other blockchain applications, by registering it as a sidechain on the Lisk Mainchain.

Github: Lisk SDK


Modules hold all logic that is changing the state of the blockchain; or in other words all logic that makes changes on the blockchain.3

Modules can be registered to a blockchain application to extend the on-chain logic.

Modules enable:

  • Define how data is stored on the blockchain.
  • Define logic that is executed per block.
  • Define logic that is executed per transaction.

🔨 Tutorial: How to create plugin


Plugins offer useful features to the application and external services, which are part of the off-chain logic of the blockchain application. In other words, a plugin will never change the state of the blockchain itself, contrary to the modules, which hold the on-chain logic of the blockchain application.

Plugins are able to perform the following:

  • search the blockchain data.
  • aggregate the blockchain data.
  • provide a UI for the blockchain application.
  • automate the blockchain logic, such as automatically sending transactions.
  • add a proxy to the application interfaces.

🔨 Tutorial: How to create plugin

Lisk Service

Lisk Service is a web application that allows interaction with various blockchain networks based on Lisk and Bitcoin protocols.5

The main focus of Lisk Service is to provide data to the UI clients such as Lisk Desktop and Lisk Mobile. Lisk Service makes it possible to access all blockchain live data in a similar way to the regular Lisk SDK API, and in addition provides users with much more details and endpoints, such as geolocation and various statistics about network usage.


The project implementation is based on Microservices. The technical stack is designed to deliver several microservices, and each of them provides one particular functionality. The data is served in JSON format and exposed by a public RESTful API.


Lisk service architecture

Read more here: Lisk documentation

Github: Lisk Service

Lisk Desktop 🖥

Lisk wallet for destkops, avaible on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Download Lisk Destkop
Github: Lisk Desktop

Lisk Mobile 📱

Lisk wallet for smartphones on Android/iOS.

Github: Lisk Mobile